New personal development #selfhelp #article posted, describing 12 bad habits you may want to avoid

From the Ridicluous to the Sublime

If you were asked to give an example of something ridiculous, what would you say? What do you consider foolish, irrational, absurd, stupid or senseless? What could be more ridiculous than to neglect oneself, ignore what is in one’s best interest, and squander one’s vast potential? Does it make any sense to curb your own growth and enjoyment of life? Why is it, more often than not, that we are our worst enemy?

Yet, when we take the opposite tack and fully develop our potential, the heavens rejoice. For what can be more awe- inspiring, more sublime, than the transformation of ordinary people into the magnificent beings they were meant to be.

Imagine inheriting and moving into a house that contained a trunk in the basement. Wouldn’t it be foolish to ignore the trunk? Wouldn’t you want to open it and check its contents? Wouldn’t you then discard whatever was worthless and treasure whatever was valuable?

Well, we are that trunk. It contains our habits. Why do we ignore it? Why aren’t we regularly checking its contents and disposing of our bad, useless, or harmful habits? Why aren’t we using our good habits to inspire us to cultivate more of the same?

Are you happy with your job and the company you work for? Did you ever imagine that if you were the CEO of the company, you could do a better job of managing it? Guess what? You are the CEO. The CEO of yourself. Keep that in mind. Remind yourself daily, “I am the CEO of the company called ME. I am responsible for ME and plan to make it one of the best companies possible.”

What are the habits we have that are holding us back? The following list is by no means complete, but is long enough to get you started on improving your company, ME. Later, you can add to it by creating your own ToDo and Not-ToDo lists.

Nice list of traits you want to keep in check


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